"Sequence contains no matching element" error message keeps on poping up when saving

Thomas LEILLET 8 months ago updated by Retinder Labana 8 months ago 6

Since the beginning of this week, I keep on having this error message when saving after a relatively long idle time : 

Image 2498

Under review

Hi Thomas, 

Thank you for submitting this ticket. We will investigate and get back to you.


I'm experiencing the exact same behaviour right now.

we are also experiencing the error when attempting to merge a branch into one of our data models

I am getting this same error. Making changes over an hour or two and when trying to save get this error. I was able to refresh the browser, then "unlock" the project and load the draft" before finally being able to save. All my changes seem to have been retained.

it does work when you refresh and then save, but that shouldn't be needed offcourse 😁


Hello Everyone, 

Thank you everyone for notifying us of the issue you are currently experiencing.

The team is aware of the issue and is working on releasing a patch soon. In the meantime please follow the following instructions:
- refresh the browser
- load the draft
- save the project

This is a temporary solution till the permanent solution is released. Sorry for the inconvenience you might be facing. Please know the team is actively working on this issue. 

Retinder Labana