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Project id for non-main branches not found in API

paul lucas 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 2


I'm trying to pull out the DDL for a project branch but the project id doesn't appear to exist. When I try this for the main branch it works fine, but when I try this for another branch (which seems to have a project id in the url), I get a 'Project Not Found' error. 

Are we able to access non-main branches of projects in the API and if not, will this be available in future?

Thanks in advance

Under review

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your question. For now, this is only available for the main branches - but the Product team has let me know that they are working on expanding this and allowing it for all branches sometime this year. We can keep you updated on that front. Thank you!

Thanks, Hannah. That would be great if it were expanding to cater for that. I'll watch this space.