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Feature Request: Ability to move relationship connection point to different points on a table / view

Brad 7 months ago updated by hannah gryska 7 months ago 1

Currently, a relationship exists on one point, of one side, of a table. When attempting to arrange tables in a manner that is easy to ready, or for a certain audience, the relationship lines can cross extensively, be hard to follow and confusing. While one can move relationship line segments uni-directionally, it only minimally helps correct this.

A preferred approach would be when a table, or set of tables, is moved, there are more connections points on a table that SqlDBM can auto-move to, rather than auto-snapping to one side. Also, the ability to manually change which side of the table to connect to would be very useful.

For an example of this layout flow, you can take a look at ER/Studio Data Architect, which does table / view layout flow exceptionally well.

Under review

Thank you for submitting this Idea ticket. We will pass this along to our Product team. Just wanted to quickly say that we do have the ability to move the relationship lines up/down/right/left by clicking the points within a relationship line, as shown in the screenshot below. (Just in case someone reading this doesn't know!) Thanks!

Image 2571