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Issue when saving project with templates

Brad 9 months ago updated 8 months ago 6

I created a template that was applicable to a specific "piece" of the data model I was creating. The project was saved and over the next couple of day the project was opened to reviews. On another day, when the DDL was generated, the data type of the template column was not a data type but a DEFAULT value from another column in the data model.
Apparently, during a save operation, the template column data type was replaced with a DEFAULT value from another column. I can provide a snapshot of this, if needed.

Here is a link to the snapshot, showing the issue

Under review

Hi Brad, 

Thank you for reaching out to support. I have forwarded this ticket to our queue for investigation.  We will reach out to you with an update. 

Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime

Retinder Labana

Hi Brad, 

Thank you for sharing the image with me. Can you also share the following information with us to understand the issue on hand better

The issue on hand
: Default value is not being populated when defined in a template

1- which data type (date, time, timestamp, etc.) changed by the default value?
2- what is the data type of the column that has the default value?
3- what is the column name that has the default value?

If you have questions or concerns in the meantime please feel free to reach out to us. 

Retinder Labana

Upon looking closer, it appears that the DEFAULT value for the template column was moved to the Data Type field of the same column, over writing it.  The data type was DATE.

From the screenshot, you can see it occurred on 2 columns in that table, both from the same template.

Hi Brad, 

We tried re-creating the issue on our end but we were unable to.  We were able to add a default value only after it was applied to a table. Not at the template level. 

Can you please provide us step-by-step instructions on how we can re-create this on our end, please? 

Retinder Labana

Sure. Here are the steps I followed.  To be clear, this ticket is not about being able to add a DEFAULT value to a template column, within the template; that's a different ticket.  This is about a template column data type being over-written by a template column default, added after the template was added to the table and the data type column being left blank.

  1. Create the template
    1. Columnar name / Data Type
  2. Apply the template to the table
  3. Within the table, add DEFAULT values, the same as a non-template column
    1. DEFAULT values cannot be added within a template. See my other Feature Request on this
  4. Save the project.

Work continued on other tables within the project and later, while doing a visual scan of the project tables, I noticed that DEFAULT values were showing up where data types should be. Looking closer, I saw that this occurred only on the template columns.

The process is pretty basic. Let me know if you need any other information.  As a side note, as was covered in a prior ticket, there have been times where a model did not save when the browser was closed, either in draft or actual save; not sure if this is related.