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Feature Request: Standardized data domains, reusable across projects

Brad 4 months ago updated by hannah gryska 4 months ago 1

The ability to create standard data domains, with examples below, would allow a more consistent data model and data governance, within a project and across projects and potentially provide a quicker time to market for the data model. This would also assist the DE and DQ teams, as they could then develop standardized code to match.

Each data modeler would use these standardized data domains within their data model projects, shared from a single SqlDBM source.

For example:

- Surrogate Key Domain: BIGINT / NOT NULL / DEFAULT=-1

- Physical Address Line Domain: VARCHAR(75) / NULLABLE / DEFAULT = 'Not Provided'

- Begin Effectivity Date Domain: DATE / NOT NULL / DEFAULT = TO_DATE('1900-01-01')

- End Effectivity Date Domain: DATE / NOT NULL / DEFAULT = TO_DATE('2099-12-31')




Under review

Hi Brad, 

Thank you for submitting this Idea ticket. We will pass this along to our Product team. Thank you!