If using branch management, it isn't possible to change the default view of the main branch

Daniel Einspanjer 6 months ago updated by hannah gryska 4 months ago 5

It always defaults to the view I was on when I last saved the project before changing it to branch management.

I would really like users to be able to persist the last diagram view they were on when opening SqlDBM.

Under review

Hello, thank you for contacting Support and identifying a bug. We will pass this along to our team to test and we will keep you updated on if this has been confirmed, as well as when the fix is released. Thank you again.

Hi Daniel, 

I know we have a few tickets open. I would like to recommend we connect over Zoom and go over these tickets. 

Issue: unable to change the view for the main branch

Solution: You will be able to define which type of view (physical, logical, table, etc) when you are merging a branch into the main branch.  I can also walk you through this in person during our call. 

Link: https://calendly.com/retinder-labana/60min

Retinder Labana

Not a bug

Hello Daniel, do you have further questions regarding this ticket and/or would you and/or would you like to meet? Please let us know! In the meantime, we will close this ticket (but are happy to re-open it, if needed). Thank you!

I lost track of this issue because it wasn't in my private tickets, but this is still an issue that is affecting me and I would love to see it get triaged and looked at.

It doesn't matter what changes I make in a branch and merge to main, the default view for main is always the database explorer view of a particular schema that was shown when I first converted the project to be branch based.

I demonstrated this to Retinder in our screenshare session last month.


Hi Daniel, thank you for your note here. We have alerted our team and we will move this to a "Started" status and work to get a timeline for you. Thank you!