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Feature Request: Can you add Looker as a Data Base type or integrate with Looker models?

kenneth wood 1 month ago updated by hannah gryska 1 month ago 1


  • We use Looker as our BI reporting platform.
  • It includes a data modeling feature, basically organizing metadata based off of an underlying database schema structure (like the tables in a Snowflake schema).

Use Case:

  • It's possible for customizations to be made in Looker that we want to track and align with our enterprise models.
  • Just like we want to know if the schema design in our Production Snowflake database has deviated from our design, we'd like to be able to detect the same thing in Looker.
  • Also, Looker has a "data dictionary" feature where column definitions can be maintained.
  • We want to try to keep a common definition for each table, view, column, etc. in all platforms (SqlDBM, Snowflake, and Looker).

Under review

Hello Kenneth, I'll pass this along to our Product team and we will keep you apprised of any updates!