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New Feature Request Search for Column in Diagram Explorer

kenneth wood 1 month ago updated by hannah gryska 1 month ago 3

Please consider adding a search for columns -- Want to be able to find tables in a project with a column that matches the search string.

Under review

Hi Kenneth, 

Thank you so much for this Idea ticket. We will pass this along to our Product team and keep you apprised of any updates. Thanks!

Also, we did want to let you know that you can use both the Data Governance Reports , as well as the Database Documentation to search for columns as a workaround in the interim (though I understand this is not the request and does not satisfy the request/need). Just a workaround for now. Thanks, Kenneth!!

Okay! just spoke with Serge. We will implement a column search within the Database Explorer tab, which will include a label "Locate on Diagram" so that when you search for a column within a table, the project will lead you there. Hopefully this will be released soon!