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viewing different databases in one project

kevin zakowicz 2 months ago updated by Retinder Labana 2 months ago 1

When I used the trial version, I was able to import multiple DDL's and see each of the DB's in my snowflake instance separately. Now when I import multiple DDL's all the tables from each DB get lumped together by schema. is there a way to separate these by DB like I could in the trial?

Under review

Hi Kevin,

My name is Retinder Labana and I am a Solutions Architect at SqlDBM. Just to recap on the issue you mentioned above

Issue: Want to be able to visualize objects from different databases.

A out of a box solution for this is currently not available that being said. This is something the team is working on and will be supported soon. In the meantime, I would like you to follow the following steps:
1) RE your objects. They will be grouped by schema
2) Navigate to Database Explorer

Image 2968

3)Select a Schema. The property panel should open on the right side

Image 2969

4)Add the database name in front of the schema and separate them by dot"."

Image 2970

All objects should inherit the database name.

If you have any questions or are unable to perform any of the steps mentioned above. Please let us know. 

Retinder Labana