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Enhancement Request: Apply Naming Convention to subset of project (Selected Table or Current Diagram)

kenneth wood 2 months ago updated by hannah gryska 2 months ago 1

Idea: Would like to apply naming convention settings to only specific objects or groups of objects as an option instead of the whole project.

Use Case: We have some older projects that we built before applying new naming conventions.

  • Since many of these objects have been deployed with an older naming convention, making those DDL changes on existing production objects may not be desirable.
  • But, we would like to apply them to new objects going forward.
  • If we apply them to the whole project, our model will no longer be in-sych with what we've deployed.
  • Also, when in Collaboration Mode, merging into Main will show a lot of changed objects that we did not really want to change.  (And some apply naming conventions and some don't, creating a bit of confusion.)
Under review

Hi Kenneth, thank you for submitting this idea ticket. I've forwarded to our Product team and will keep you posted on any eventual timeframe. Thank you!