Personnal accees Token for AQzure DevOps integration

Pierre Viens 2 months ago updated by hannah gryska 2 months ago 1

I am trying to configure the integration part in the "SQLDBM" by associating my project with my repository, and i am receiving an error message: "Validation failed".

It seems like a personal access token was automatically assigned to me when I was given access to the integration part but it was not me who generated it and I cannot modify it.

Question: Is it possible to change the personal access token? is it one personal access token per person or per groupe, how is it handeled ? 

Thank You 


Hello Pierre, thank you for contacting Support! You can certainly change the PAT (Personal Access Token). You can do this, as you are an account administrator for your subscription. To do this, you'll login, click Account, then Integrations, then you can input your PAT in the field shown below in the screenshot. To retrieve this PAT, you'll need to generate your PAT from Azure DevOps. These instructions can give you step-by-step details on how to do that and get this integration setup. Please let us know if you experience further issues and/or have any additional questions. Thank you!

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