Naming conventions for FKs and Indexes

troy thomsen 1 month ago updated by hannah gryska 1 month ago 3

Looking for a way to have SQLDBM generate default FK and index names based on the table name(s). I see references to this KB article below in other posts, but that link appears to be broken, and I can't find anything else related to this topic in the KB. Does SQLDBM actually support using a template to create default FK/index names? 

Many companies want to apply naming standards for their data models, and SqlDBM has supported this requirement.


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I found where you can specify naming conventions in the project and have set them accordingly. Two issues though. 

First is that I can't get them to actually take effect. I have set some, activated them and tried to apply them but still the FKs in my model remain unnamed, forcing me to manually name them myself. 

Second is that I find it frustrating that searching for "naming conventions" does not bring up any KB articles showing you where that exists in the tool and how it works:

Image 3047

Ok, not sure what the problem was, but after flipping them on and off, I'm getting the FKs to populate now. However, that leads to an additional question - why do the logical relationship names show on the physical view mode? 


Hello Troy, thank you for contacting Support. 

Firstly, thank you for your questions! Secondly, while we have tried to phase out our old knowledge base, it still pops up in some places as it is connected to our chat system and other items - so I do apologize for that. Our new knowledge base, which we are just calling the Help Center, can be found here

Here is an article on autosuggested relationships, which may assist in your FK/PK/relationships question above: https://intercom.help/SqlDBMhelpcenter/en/articles/4808764-naming-conventions

Here is an article covering Naming Conventions: https://intercom.help/SqlDBMhelpcenter/en/articles/4808764-naming-conventions

Lastly, you can change the View Mode by clicking the view mode logo, as shown in the screenshot below, and then choosing which view you'd like. 

Image 3048

Once in physical, you can click on a table, which will open the Table Properties submenu on the righthand side of your project. As shown in this next screenshot, the physical name for the table is public.Supplier, but the logical name is simply Supplier. You can override this by clicking the override button, shown circled in the red box.

Image 3049

Please let us know if you have further questions and thank you again!