QUESTION: How can I generate (forward engineer) alter statements comparing to Live DB instead of revisions in project

kenneth wood 1 month ago updated by Retinder Labana 4 weeks ago 1

I want to generate an alter script to apply to my Live DB, but the revisions in my branch do not include the version of some tables in the DB.
Is there a way to add the Live DB for Forward engineering comparison for Alter script generation?

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Hi Kenneth, 

You are working in concurrent working mode in one of your projects. During the Live DB Compare you see some differences. You want to know how you can generate the alter to update the Live DB

To achive the goal mentioned above please follow the following steps:
1. Merge your changes to the main branch

2. Open the main branch

3. Navigate to Environemnt tab

4. Create an environment for the DB that you used during the Live comparson on

5. Navigate to Release tag

6. Compare your project to the environment 

7. Select Generate alter from the top right side

8. if you have Git integration set-up for this project. Then you will be able to push it to your repository or you will be able to run the script in your Database directly

Please let me know if you are unable to perform any of the steps mentioned above. 

Retinder Labana