I'd also appreciate if the forward-engineering statement would be able...

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I'd also appreciate if the forward-engineering statement would be able to ignore the options. It choked on the GENERATED keyword this time around so the forward-engineer dropped all tables in my diagram. :(

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Dear User,

Could you please provide us some details to investigate it:

- What are the exact steps to reproduce

- DB type and version

- Any screenshots which you have, if you think, can help us to understand the problem easily

Please provide above details, so we can detect the issue and resolve it soon.


Team - SqlDBM

Not a bug

Dear User,

We did not hear from you since our last message to you and we hope that your request has been resolved.

We are closing this ticket for now, feel free to contact us in case you have any following questions.


Team - SqlDBM

OK - didn't realize that I couldn't just reply to the e-mail.  Here's what I'd attempted to respond with shortly after that last message.

It's pretty straightforward. Create a temporal table (system-versioned) using the examples/concepts here:


Now try to import that into SqlDBM. It fails on "Generated always" and

"system_versioning". However, if you've created a DB with this and

scripted it, it often _will_ pick up the "History" table but not the

main table. The only way I can make this work is

to globally comment out or replace those commands.

CREATE TABLE dbo.Employee   
  , [Name] nvarchar(100) NOT NULL  
  , [Position] varchar(100) NOT NULL   
  , [Department] varchar(100) NOT NULL  
  , [Address] nvarchar(1024) NOT NULL  
  , [AnnualSalary] decimal (10,2) NOT NULL  
  , [ValidFrom] datetime2 (2) GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW START  
  , [ValidTo] datetime2 (2) GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW END  
  , PERIOD FOR SYSTEM_TIME (ValidFrom, ValidTo)  

And while I'm sure this isn't a bug, it's not working with valid TSQL syntax for MS SQL Server. :)


Dear Peter,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently we do not have support for temporal tables and that is you are facing issues with importing the DDL SQL.

But this feature is in our development pipeline, hopefully we will be working on it soon and deliver this feature.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any further questions.


Team - SqlDBM