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Postgres as the next support SQL language


Came here to suggest the same. Postgres seems to enjoy more than 3x the attention of MS SQL Server, so it should be implemented asap imo. Thanks a lot.


Any ETA on this postgres integration..?

Any ETA on when this feature will be available?


Dear user, 

Sorry for the late reply.
Based on current backlog and size of tickets, for now it seems like Postgre will be done between 2 to 3 months.

Team - SqlDBM

+1 for PostgresQL Support.  What's ETA on it?  Thanks!

Any update on this? The post indicating it would be done in 2-3 months was 3 months ago.

+1 Postgres, tool is useless for many open source web devs. 


Dear User/s,

 Great News. We are actively working on PostgreSQL support in SqlDBM, and are hoping to release it by end of this Month (or early next month).

Thank you for your support/comments.

Team - SqlDBM