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The ability to move the relationship lines would be great. Right now lines will cross or go behind another table, making the diagram difficult to read.

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+1 this idea.

I like the idea of being able to add a "node" to a relationship line, which can be click-and-dragged to position. This node would cause the line to route from the source, to the node, then to the destination, so that the routing can be controlled.


+1 this feature! For complicated diagrams it would be nice not to have relationship lines going through tables.

Has there been any update on this feature?

No, this feature is not yet implemented, you can see the roadmap here https://sqldbm.com/RoadMap/


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that link does not work

Hi Shawn, here's a current roadmap (as of 9 FEB 2022--- subject to change): Roadmap_2022.pdf

As well, here is our Change Log, which showcases which features have already been implemented: https://sqldbm.com/Changelog/


Thanks for the response. I'm disappointed that I don't see this on the current roadmap. I hope this gets prioritized soon.


Yes, I would like this added too.


I found that not being able to manually control where my lines go, is having quite a detrimental impact on the readability of my model. This wouldn't be such an issue, if that app could place the lines better, but I find I have many linese crossing unnecessarily. Moving the tables around does not improve the placement of the lines.

Readability is a key requirement for a model, I would really like this feature added soon


This is critical.  It is difficult to share the model with others as the lines are crossing and behind other tables.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how the lines are drawn.  Difficult to read the map!


The ability to move the relationship lines so they are not behind tables or mixed in with other lines is crucial.  Even better, the ability to start the line anywhere on the table and end the line anywhere on the related table.

How are folks managing the layout of models with large number of tables without this feature ?


Is there any update on this?  Ideally I'd like a feature that prevents relationship lines from going behind tables in auto layout but manual moving of lines is next best. At some point in the near future my organisation is going to purchase a data modelling tool but poor visualisation of the data model is a deal breaker on this one currently


Hey, it would be great to makle this feature come true. Please hear us! Thanks for all 


I really really really want this feature.

My man daichi.yoshikawa commented 3 years ago! He's back, once again, stating the obvious that he: "I really really really want this feature."

That we want an intuitive way to show the relations!

While you are at it, make it possible for us to not have to move the initial connection points on the tables, make them appear near the keyed column that they are corresponding to.


This feature is coming in Q1/Q2 of 2021

I guess this didn't make it into Q1/Q2?


Any closer to seeing this?


I just noticed there was a change in how lines are managed, and I think it went backwards. Now I've even less control over my lines!

I used to drag my tables around to force the lines to come from a certain side of the table and make it so that the "main" table was on top and the auxiliary tables were left and right of it. The result was a vertical tower of relationships with which you could immediately tell what was happening, despite the amount of lines. Now that relationships have a 2nd turn I can't seem to do anything similar to that. I can't even properly manipulate the side of the table from which the relationship comes out or reaches in


I have just loaded my database design this morning and a recent change to this app seems to have resulted in me now having no control over relationship lines AT ALL...  to the point where my diagram is pretty unfathomable..  Unless I can have this back as it was, it is pretty much no use to me...  this needs to be addressed with some urgency I would say


without this feature i will be forced to use another product... absolutely required. any update on this? 

We are still working on this, but as shown above in our updated roadmap, full logical modeling is on our active roadmap. We hope to release that this year, but it is subject to change. 


right. appreciate the response. I see it's out on the roadmap but i am telling you - this really is the killer feature as without it the diagram work is just slopping tables out there... we have to be able to control the aesthetic layout of the lines as it completely breaks the appearance... 


Hey Shawn, totally get it. We do allow different layouts - such as star auto-layout, which does allow the tables to lay in a nicely spread-out and easily viewable way. Hopefully that would work for now, until we release such further items as mentioned.