Relationship lines moving

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The ability to move the relationship lines would be great. Right now lines will cross or go behind another table, making the diagram difficult to read.

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+1 this idea.

I like the idea of being able to add a "node" to a relationship line, which can be click-and-dragged to position. This node would cause the line to route from the source, to the node, then to the destination, so that the routing can be controlled.


+1 this feature! For complicated diagrams it would be nice not to have relationship lines going through tables.

Has there been any update on this feature?


No, this feature is not yet implemented, you can see the roadmap here https://sqldbm.com/RoadMap/


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Thanks for the response. I'm disappointed that I don't see this on the current roadmap. I hope this gets prioritized soon.


Yes, I would like this added too.


I found that not being able to manually control where my lines go, is having quite a detrimental impact on the readability of my model. This wouldn't be such an issue, if that app could place the lines better, but I find I have many linese crossing unnecessarily. Moving the tables around does not improve the placement of the lines.

Readability is a key requirement for a model, I would really like this feature added soon


This is critical.  It is difficult to share the model with others as the lines are crossing and behind other tables.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how the lines are drawn.  Difficult to read the map!


The ability to move the relationship lines so they are not behind tables or mixed in with other lines is crucial.  Even better, the ability to start the line anywhere on the table and end the line anywhere on the related table.

How are folks managing the layout of models with large number of tables without this feature ?


Is there any update on this?  Ideally I'd like a feature that prevents relationship lines from going behind tables in auto layout but manual moving of lines is next best. At some point in the near future my organisation is going to purchase a data modelling tool but poor visualisation of the data model is a deal breaker on this one currently

Hey, it would be great to makle this feature come true. Please hear us! Thanks for all