Poll: Convert Project to other database type

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Please tell us,  If you wish to convert your project from one database type to another one and this conversion is not implemented by SqlDbm team yet.

  • Please specify "FROM Database Type" and "TO Database Type" in your message here.

    For Example: SqlServer to Snowflake

You suggestions and number of users who need same feature will help us to prioritize our backlog. 

This would be very beneficial to my. I'm involved early in projects, and occasionally the final system changes or is not yet known. Specifying a generic database type and/or being able to later convert it to something specific would be useful.


would be of great value.  currently I would need SQL-> Snowflake, but all conversions would be useful.

Being able to do this FROM SQL Server, TO Oracle would be great

From Postgres to Redshift  - created as Postgres to be able to import as script (reverse engineer), but now can't convert to Redshift.

would work easily with user-defined (or logical) datatypes - and then allow mappings.. then we don't have to model against a physical implementation - allowing us to design without having to worry what the technical platform is. (and would then also work with elastic search, voltDB, memSQL, etc ...). 


MySQL to RedShift and vice versa

From Teradata to SnowFlake

From SnowFlake to BigQuery and vice versa

From Avro .avsc Schema File to SnowFlake

From SnowFlake to Avro .avsc Schema File

Db2 to SnowFlake

SQL Server to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

anything to Oracle

From MySQL to snowflake

Hi there, we do offer this conversion. Please see this article attached: https://intercom.help/SqlDBMhelpcenter/en/articles/4808766-database-conversion


Snowflake to DB2

Azure Synapse Analytics to SqlServer

I have no ability to convert anything from my set up. When I choose to Convert project to .. I get this:

Is the feature disabled for us?



Oracle to Snowflake Would be Great!