Add support for views and functions

Julian Utting 5 years ago updated by florian 2 years ago 20

A typical project involves many database objects besides tables. Being able to add views and (at least scalar) functions to the schema would be a massive boon in sketching out a database structure.

Under review

no doubt, control over views in your tool would be amazing


Do you have estimate when we the support for views / functions is available?

this would be awesome

This feature would close the deal for me

Is there any timeline for this release?


In next 2 to 3 weeks.

This is the feature that is lacking in SQLDBM that doesn't allow me to use the tool more!


Dear Users,

 Good news! We are working on this feature actively, and hoping to release it in next 2 to 3 weeks.

Here is design on how it going to work in our first version to support views:


Team - SqlDBM

Neat! Will this be available for SQL Server too when you release? I noticed from one of your LinkedIn posts that it was at least coming to Snowflake...

Glad to hear ...

Great news, I am curious if only views are being allowed here, or if the plan is to also allow TVF as well?


Hi. The view support has been released for Snowflake now, but is there any plan to include support for other database systems (e.g SQL Server) ? 


Will there be support as well for PostrgreSQL?

Can you add "Views" in the diagram explorer tab as well.

Hi! will there be support for MySQL views?


Views are supported for MS SQL Server. Stored Procedures and Functions coming soon. 


Team SqlDBM


Can you explain a little bit, why this is not released for MySQL or PostgreSQL? All views (no matter which platform) are created by queries and there are no major differences in the syntax, requiring months of development. Would be nice if you can ask your developers, where the problem is to adapt that functionality to all databases and tell us a bit about your timeline. Procedures and functions seams much more complex.