Real-time collaborations

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Allow real-time collaboration on the same model

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Hi Chris,

  I think this is good idea, but I would like to know more details about this like 

- when two users are working, how one user's change reflects on other side without saving the project, 

- also what happens if both users are changing the same object at same time.

FYI: One of the reason we did not do it, to avoid merging issue, in case both users are changing same objects at same time. 

Please feel free to elaborate or provide more thoughts on it.


Team - SqlDBM

every change done by users on same model should be immidiately propagated to all users currently viewing model and saved, so there would not be a save button anymore but maybe save revision(like a snapshot basically).

undo feature would have to be basically being reverse operation but in a forward way so it gets populated to other users in real time too. Merging issues would happen and be resolved in real time, if one person changes something like move a table and second one does it in the same time(obviously not in same milisecond) it would choose the latter as a new table position and propagate it to other user which also moved it. So it doesnt get confusing every object somebody touches would be nice if had an indicator who is doing some work on it, only last action of this user of course.

i think people would be very grateful even with some hiccups as it would allow true collaboration, and they would organise work so they dont overlap in actions and cause stupid race conditions for changes

I am open to helping you build that, reach out to me if you want to discuss it further