Compare Revisions Or Generate Alter Script, to find changes made

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User should be able to compare different revisions and generate "Alter Script" , so that script can be applied to existing database.

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very useful feature


Would be very helpful to discuss changes with the development team from revision to revsion.

this is possible in simmilar websites offering db designers online. I would stick it in the backlog.

Obviously.  This could be a deal-breaker...the alternative seems to be dropping the existing database tables, running the new script, and reinserting sample data?...or creating a new database, then using a third party tool that generate the diffs?  Ideally, it would work like Google Docs...compare an arbitrary Version X to any Version Y.

Update:  Is in the development pipeline!

Dear Ken,

  We have this ticket in our development pipeline. Once that ticket gets prioritized we will work on it.


Team - SqlDBM

Any update or timeline on this?


Dear Users,

We have released Compare Feature functionality.

This feature allows SqlDBM users to save time comparing and deploying database schemas. Find and fix errors, and create deployment scripts in minutes to compare changes within different revisions. Now, users can identify changes in tables and DDL scripts. It also detects column discrepancies such as data type, nullability, constraints and defaults.

Check out our release notes here: http://blog.sqldbm.com/compare-database-convert-database-type/ 

Thank you for your patience,

Team - SqlDBM