Reverse Engineer OR How to generate a diagram from an existing database?

Instructions on how to Reverse Engineer an existing database in SqlDBM:

Step 1: Upload/Paste Script in SqlDBM at Reverse Feature Page

(For SQL generation help, check article SQL from SqlServer Management Studio OR SQL from MySQL Workbench )

There are two ways to do this step:

Option 1: Upload existing SQL Script file using "Upload" button

Option 2: Directly paste your script in "DDL Script" area and then click on upload icon available on the top 

    Step 2: Import Script data 

    On the import screen, user can pick and choose tables to add, update or delete to an existing SqlDBM project.

    In case of a new project, there will be only "Add" check boxes available. But if user is trying to "Reverse Engineer on top of existing project", then there might be Add/Update/Delete options available depending on users's SQL script.

    After making proper selections, click "Import" button.

    Screenshot of Upload Script page

    Screenshot of Import 

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