Reverse Engineer OR How to generate a diagram from an existing database?

Instructions on how to Reverse Engineer an existing database in SqlDBM:

Step 1: Upload/Paste Script in SqlDBM at Reverse Feature Page

(For SQL generation help, check article SQL from SqlServer Management Studio OR SQL from MySQL Workbench  OR SQL from pgAdmin)

There are two ways to do this step:

Option 1: Upload existing SQL Script file using "Upload" button

Option 2: Directly paste your script in "DDL Script" area and then click on upload icon available on the top 

    Step 2: Import Script data 

    On the import screen, user can pick and choose tables to add, update or delete to an existing SqlDBM project.

    In case of a new project, there will be only "Add" check boxes available. But if user is trying to "Reverse Engineer on top of existing project", then there might be Add/Update/Delete options available depending on users's SQL script.

    After making proper selections, click "Import" button.

    Screenshot of Upload Script page

    Image 161

    Screenshot of Import 

    Image 162

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