How to generate SQL DDL Script from Redshift for Reverse Engineering ?

In order to CREATE TABLE/ SCHEMA DDL for already existing table or schema in Redshift you need to do the following as per AWS instructions:

STEP 1: Create view "v_generate_schema_ddl"

You can recreate the table/schema DDL by running scripts called v_generate_tbl_ddl.sql and v_generate_schema_ddl.sql. 

The scripts can be downloaded from amazon-redshift-utils, which is part of the Amazon Web Services - Labs git hub repository. Please use these scripts' github links mentioned in the reference section below.




STEP 2: Run Query and download results


select * from admin.v_generate_tbl_ddl where schemaname = 'SchemaName'

Image 673

STEP 3: Copy last column in separate text file

Image 674

STEP 4: Replace all double quotes

Image 675

STEP 5: Copy and paste in SqlDBM in "Reverse Engineering" tab


Image 676

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