Table color Indicator

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You can pick a color indicator for a table to differentiate it from other ones by some logical reasons.

For example, red means table is under construction, green means - design is complete.   

Choose the format tab in the properties panel and pick a needed color in the palette. To delete color and return to initial state choose "Cancel color.

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You can set a color for schema, then all tables which belong to that schema will inherit schema color. 

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For convenience palettes for dark and light themes are the same. Colors look good and contrast for all cases. 

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It seems like the UI changed since this was written.  there is no format tab readily visible

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Table Format can be found under table properties. Please view this document

Retinder Labana

Hello SQLDBM Support! 

Was hoping to ask about possibility to pick a color for individual COLUMN.  Is that possible?

Use case : I am doing assessment of "current state" and want to highlight certain columns in Red(lets say) so we pay attention to those during Review.

Looking forward to hearing from you.