Your comments

Also I should mention that I had the app opened in two browser tabs. The one I was working on, rev24 and an old one I didn't notice, with rev. 20 opened. In the old browser tab the affected tables were present and ok. Maybe the issue is about the application running in two concurrent windows, which should be prevented or made possible. I have closed the old tab, unfortunately.


  1. I have added the affected tables before around revision 20, I don't exactly remember which one it was.
  2. The whole project has been designed from scratch using sqldbm tool.
  3. The affected tables for sure existed in revisions 20 to 23, I've lost them in rev 24.
  4. I will share the project with you. I also have the HTML code of the whole Diagram, as I have copied it yesterdat using Inspector, to save it on my computer. I will send this HTML to you by email to the address.
  5. I'm Using latest Google Chrome on MacOS.