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same with my project

[Test_ID] is set to PK but only gets the index creation. Is this now default behavior for SQLDBM? Many tools need a PK and I would like to have it.

Test snippet from my modell:


-- ************************************** [dbo].[Test]

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Test]
[Test_ID] int IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,
[Name] nvarchar(50) NOT NULL ,


Just found out, that there is no way to print complex diagrams larger than a screen size.

Perfect would be a poster print option (via multipage PDF or TIFF). I have now a quite large diagram and it's not easy to show the diagram as a whole big picture for final presentation.

Has there been any progress about this topic since the last 7 months?

A large TIFF or PDF with a single picture/page would work the beginning, too. Then I could use other poster print software.

The only viable option I can use so far, is to create a database diagram in SSMS, after i have exported the SQLDBM-diagram as SQL-Code and import the code in a test database. But I loose all the colors, text boxes, diagram layout... . But this option only works for Microsoft databases and if the diagram is already complete and exportable (yes, it happens sometimes, that draft diagrams generate not get the right SQL-Code, because of some missing PK FK,..... Thats' why it's a draft and need to be discussed and checked in a meeting with a big picture print out.)