Your comments

I just stumbled upon SqlDBM and am impressed. I'm hoping this product is a fit for my team. The first thing I noticed though was this issue. Collaboration and sharing is really important and we need to be able to print out the model in at least some rudimentary manner.

My team currently use erwin, which is like the elder statesman of data modeling BUT it's horrendous in terms of licensing, platform constraints, AND this same issue. You can't really share the model. I'm hoping your team has an incremental delivery plan in place for this. Meaning, a sqlDBM comment above said your planned refactoring could/would enable auto-layout and other notations such It would be needed for us to switch. However, in my opinion you should release a minimally-viable feature for printing without encumbering the release with a lot of other stuff that nobody is clamoring for here. Sooner is better.