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I stopped using this software something like 9 months ago. It's a cool concept but without such basic functionality it's not a 'serious' tool I can use at my work.

If they ever finish building the core functionality I'll use it, paying for it isn't an issue.

I agree. This feature is required for this tool to be of use to me, and I'm reluctant to spend company funds on a subscription until I can see that it has been implemented in a useful way.

There also needs to be better routing of the connecting lines; currently they are a mess on complicated diagrams.

At the moment, in order to print this diagram I need to take screenshots, paste them into paint or somesuch to piece it back together, and THEN save to PDF. This is too time consuming so at the moment I can't really distribute the schemas I make here to other members of my team. The 'share' is not quite up to par either - the 'read only' view is the same as the editing view so there is too much going on on-screen for it to be user-friendly enough for our reporting analysts.

+1 this idea.

I like the idea of being able to add a "node" to a relationship line, which can be click-and-dragged to position. This node would cause the line to route from the source, to the node, then to the destination, so that the routing can be controlled.

+1, this is a critical feature imo