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I have now cancelled my SQLDBM subscription. Keeping ERwin. 

user-defined data types ... life could be so easy.

user-defined data types ... then change 1 type and it applies to all columns using that user type. life could be so easy.

would work easily with user-defined (or logical) datatypes - and then allow mappings.. then we don't have to model against a physical implementation - allowing us to design without having to worry what the technical platform is. (and would then also work with elastic search, voltDB, memSQL, etc ...). 

and still waiting. It was promised by Ed 2 times already.

Hello SQLDBM team. Any update on the progress of this request? I have one week left to register for the team version but without a timeframe of when user defined data types are available I can't make a decision. Tx!

Our current models (biggest one has 780 entities) use following user-defined data types:
I don't think that domains are good enough - too broad.
but why not allow both - some people will like the DOMAIN concept, I prefer user defined types. Most probably just a matter of having a property on data model level.

Any progress? This is a MUST have for any serious data modeler. Need to be able to create user defined types - and also reverse engineer supporting user defined types. 

Ok, in that case we won't be using your product and stay with ERwin.

Ok, in that case we won't be using your product and stay with ERwin.