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Thank you for the reply. FYI I am a paid user. We should definitely be able to try it out. As for the priorities of implementing a simple feature like this compared to other roadmap priorities, it may be worth getting a dev to knock this out quickly or just hiring a intermediate/junior dev contractor to do this quickly. it really should not be hard to implement but offer significant value to your customers. I am a product manager myself, and this would be a no brainer to prioritize on the roadmap. Exporting images of schemas is critical for executive meetings for architects and DBAs to present to the teams. Generating reports and images is very helpful. Especially exporting the notes. For instance, Dataedo has a great tool to turn your schemas into excellent documentation for teams. Just a thought to present as a customer for your team. 

Not sure why this is so difficult to implement. Could you not please allow us to choose various exporting file types such as PNG, JPG, PDF, etc.? Additionally, we should be able to easily choose a color template or layout. Shouldn't be hard to change the background image of the canvas to let's say "grey" and connecting lines to "blue" and tables to another color, etc. These should be very simple to implement, but incredibly helpful for us. Please consider making these additions. You let us choose a template in the beginning, why can't it give us the option to change again? In fact, i'm on the dark template and I thought when I exported it, it would look the same, but then my background turned white and messed it all up. Very hard to see the lines at a distance.